about us

Trilok is a Sanskrit word that means “Three Worlds”. As it relates to our company and its mission, it describes the world of the family, the world of the educator and the world where we come together to create a safe, dynamic, peaceful, nurturing environment for one and all.

Two artists Sudha Seetharaman and Anand Kamalakar founded Trilok Fusion Arts, in a Brooklyn brownstone living room in 1996. After acquiring its non-profit status in 2004 Trilok moved into its own office space at ART/New York’s South Oxford Street space in Fort Greene. In 2004, the New York Times Magazine named Trilok Fusion Arts one of the most important arts organizations working in the BAM cultural district. Steadily the company has grown and in 2011 acquired its own building at 143 Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn.

The core activities of the company include a four week Summer Program for children, year round After School Program in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance), music, drumming, weaving, piano etc. and a presenting program where new stage productions are created through a process of collaboration between artists across cultures, with a focus on Indian Classical Dance and Jazz Music. Inspired by our core philosophy, in 2007 Trilok School was founded to nurture learning in children using the arts.

In 2012, with a grant from the Brooklyn borough president’s office, we launched Trilok Fusion Media.
Our media center serves emerging and professional film makers and web content creators with state of the art facilities and training.

The mission of Trilok Fusion Arts is to bring together artists from varied cultural backgrounds, to collaborate and create spaces that embody the roots of their respective traditions. Trilok Fusion Arts aims to preserve tradition while inspiring audiences and students to develop a solid understanding of the arts, and a deep appreciation for world cultures.