the center

Trilok Fusion Center for Arts & Educations is home to Trilok Fusion Arts and all its programs and Trilok Preschool. The center also houses offices of a number of creative organizations that work in tandem with Trilok Fusion and its philosophy to create a cultural and artistic oasis in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The center is also a venue for community events and a wide range of artistic activity. Spaces are available to rent for people who want to host workshops, rehearsals, performances, parties, meetings, film screening and other social gatherings.

Trilok Fusion Center strongly believes in the dire need for an eco-friendly and sustainable world that needs to reclaimed one step at a time. We have taken our first step by creating an energy efficient building and recycling our organic waste using the ancient Japanese Bokashi method. The vacant lot next to our center is being reclaimed in the process and we hope to use it for events, through out the summer.

Trilok Fusion Center is here to provide the community with a rich artistic, educational and cultural experience year round.

So come join us in our journey.